Unilever Nigeria 85th Annual General Meeting

In April 2010, Unilever Nigeria declared a dividend of 107kobo for each share held at its 85th Annual General Meeting.

At this gathering, Unilever Nigeria Plc’s Chairman, Apostle Hayford Alile, gave a brief summary of the company’s performance before announcing that all shareholders will receive a dividend of 107 kobo for each share held as a result of Unilever Nigeria Plc’s performance in 2009.

According to him, “The Shareholders have ultimately benefitted. Earnings per share grew by 57% to N1.08 compared to N0.69 in the previous year”.

Even with increased growth, Apostle Alile stated that there was much room for improvement and that “Unilever Nigeria will continue to leverage on improved capability, global scale and continuously looking for cost saving opportunities to establish a lean and agile organisation, fit to compete and to adapt to a changing operating environment”.

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