Pears gets nurses endorsement

Pears gets a major boost as the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives endorses the brand as the number one baby care brand in Nigeria.

Another feather in its cap

Pears has added another feather in its cap as it gets the endorsement of the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives! With the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with them in December, 2005, the Association has declared its support for the brand and will promote Pears as the leading baby care product in the country.

In her Key Note Address at the event, Fidelia Osime, the Human Resources Director noted that “One of our visions in Unilever is to make every Nigerian baby a Pears baby.” Partnering with the Nurses Association will definitely help in making this a reality in many ways:

Nurses as the first point of contact for mothers in hospitals will help promote Pears to all expecting mothers as the best option for their baby’s tender skin.

As a professional body with 65,000 members, they are well equipped to take the Pears message country-wide.

Nurses are considered as credible authorities in maternal and child care. Being well respected, mothers will be sure to accept their advice which in this case will be “Pears takes good care of babies!”

It is almost certain that new mothers, who try it, once they recognize the quality of the Pears Baby Range, will continue using it for their babies. This can only lead to the continuous growth in sales and market share of Pears Baby Range.

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