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Asia-Pacific Food and Beverage Business Vitality Index ranks Unilever as the overall leader, ahead of 20 global food and beverage firms.

Recognition of leadership

Unilever's innovation and performance has been publicly recognised - coming top of a food and beverage survey looking at the companies with the most influence in the Asia-Pacific.

The research looked into three dimensions, innovation, regional presence and revenue performance, to determine the potential impact of each business on the industry.

In terms of innovation, which the index considers a crucial factor in the Food and Beverage industry, western-origin brands generally performed better than their Asian competitors.

Professional & dedicated teams

Global Intelligence Alliance Group (GIA) - the market intelligence firm which produced the index - says Unilever claimed the leading position for its efforts in getting chefs and food experts in 18 key markets to research and develop products customised to local needs and preferences.

Vindi Banga, President, Food, Home & Personal Care, congratulated everyone in the region involved in achieving the accolade: "Asia-Pacific is an important area of strategic focus for Unilever, and we have invested significantly in R&D and Brand Development here in recent years. The recognition of our leadership position across the Asia-Pacific region - particularly in the area of innovation - is a great testimony to the dedication and professionalism of our teams."

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